10 “make my Web site work better” tips

Do you want to make your Web site work better? In a previous post, I encouraged those who wanted to make improvements to their online presence to:
1. Identify a target market.
2. Define what an online presence is meant to accomplish.
3. Examine how well the Web site or blog is doing right now by looking at usable measurements.

These additional seven tips apply not only to online sales pages but also to community resources, portfolios, About Us and Contact Me pages, and auto responders that pop up after a purchase or after opting in to an offer:
4. Create a unified look—brand each page with your logo, your tagline, your colors, and your chosen font.
5. Use keywords, white space, headings, font choices, and lists to make information easy to scan.
6. Keep the focus on your audience—what are their concerns, their needs, the benefits they desire?
7. Offer proof of your expertise or uniqueness in providing a product or service.
8. Include multiple ways to contact you, your hours, and your location if you expect customers to seek you out.
9. Make it easy for your visitors to do what they want to do on your site—learn more, find answers to their questions, pick up a free sample, contact you, respond to your call to action, make a purchase, etc.
10. Get someone else to proofread your text, check your links and your embedded media, try your navigation, and walk through the purchase process to uncover flaws that will cause potential customers to click away from your site.

Try these ten tips to make your Web site work better. Continue to monitor the metrics you have chosen to accomplish your goals and keep your Web site working for you.


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