Article writing: how many articles do I need to write for my business?

How many articles do you need to write for your business? The answer depends on how many people—prospective clients, current customers, professionals in complementary businesses who might become joint venture partners—you want to be able to find you.

If, for some strange reason, you hope only a handful of people will read what you write, then one well-written, informative, keyword-rich, problem-solving niche article with a byline should be sufficient. If, however, you’d like greater exposure then you need to write more articles.

Come at a common problem in your niche from different angles. An example: “Wedding dress shopping with your bridesmaids: fun or fail?” and “What you need to know before you take your mother or future mother-in-law bridal gown shopping” and “Questions your wedding boutique consultant should ask to help you pick your perfect bridal gown” are all possible article titles to address the concerns that arise when shopping for a bride’s big day.

Try offering tips, tools, resources, step-by-step instructions, details about what not to do, and success stories to give yourself even more options for creating valuable articles in your niche. Don’t forget the power of adding infographics or pictures when words don’t do your subject justice.

Unless you are charging people to read your articles—some people create articles exclusively for those who belong to their membership sites and I’ve seen a growing number of bloggers who have added a tip jar to their sites—don’t expect article writing to be an instant money-maker. Instead, monitor the increase to readership and traffic to your Web site, product page, or blog.

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