Article writing: how to make article writing easy

Do you hate to write? Are you too busy? Do you want to make article writing easy? Here are five tips to simplify the article-writing process.

1. Collect ideas before you need them
Pick one out of the file when you’re stuck for content. Simply write what comes to mind, starting with your personal experience and expertise.

2. Record yourself as you talk about your subject
Talking is faster than typing or writing. Hire someone to transcribe your recording then break the transcription down into topics. Each becomes a single article.

3. Make a list of frequently asked questions in your niche
Each question and your expert answer becomes an article.

4. Use Sesame Street techniques
Tell how one of these things—your service—is not like the others—your competition. Start counting to create a numbered list and turn it into an article. Compare two objects—something in the news and your product, for example.

5. Hire a ghostwriter
Choose someone who will talk with you and take your notes, speeches, presentations, etc. and create online content for you, in your name.


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