Article writing: where to submit articles for your business

Where you choose to submit articles for your business depends on your industry and your budget. To find appropriate submission sites, check leading associations and forums in your niche. Do a search on each of your keywords or phrases and see what publications are mentioned. Review their submission guidelines to see if your material qualifies and to determine the cost of publication.

EzineArticles is a free article submission site I recommend to clients. They have clear editorial guidelines, quick turnaround time between submission and publication, strict plagiarism rules with corrective measures, and many authors who provide useful information (although some of the translations leave something to be desired). I am one of their Diamond Expert Authors and have a 100% success rate getting my articles and my clients’ articles published here.

Want to save time and shine online with articles written specifically for you and your business? Contact me for editing of your existing material or ghostwriting from your notes. With my help, you could quickly be a published article author.


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