Article writing: when should I write articles for my business?

There are very few wrong times for writing an article for your business. Exceptions include while driving (unless you are recording in a voice-activated device in light traffic conditions), when in your place of worship, while on the clock for someone else like a client, and when you are spending quality time with those you love.

You should write an article when you want to
• Provide a solution for a common problem faced by your prospects (repeat as necessary based on the number of challenges and concerns)
• Answer a frequently asked question in your business
• Share your expertise with how-to instructions or step-by-step guidelines
• Report on a new trend in your industry
• Point out new ways to use an old product
• Introduce multiple uses of a new product
• Review tools or technology that would benefit your clients
• Invite people to support a cause your company supports and share your passion
• Explain the history of a yearly event you host
• Recognize milestones, breakthroughs, and outstanding employee achievement

Write as often as possible: when an idea inspires you, when you have something valuable to share, when you want to recognize a person or cause, when you want to promote something, and when you want to direct more people to your blog or Web site.


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