Article writing: what should I write about my business?

When article writing, what should you write about your business in order to increase traffic to your Web site or blog and encourage sales? Don’t forget these three important writing guidelines.

1. Write what you know
If you are an expert bricklayer, don’t write about ghostwriting or vice versa. Stick to your area(s) of expertise to provide the most value. One exception to the area-of-expertise rule is if you are reviewing a product or service you have used. You do know the subject from a layperson’s perspective, which will be extremely helpful to other novices out there, searching for reliable information before making a purchase.

2. Write to help your readers
Provide valuable information. Each article you write should answer one specific question or solve one exact problem your readers have instead of being one long sales pitch. Save the self-promotion for the end of the article and author byline.

3. Write to encourage action-taking
Give your readers the next steps they need to take action, especially if you promised a solution in your title. If your company provides the help they need, include instructions to click, call, e-mail, tweet, or write.

Your readers are smart people who can tell the difference between an article that helps them and an article that screams “buy now!” By sharing your expertise in article from, you encourage people to remember you and your business in a positive light.

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