Article writing: why should I write articles for my business?

Are you wondering why you should write articles for your business? Here are three good reasons. By writing articles, you can

1. Help more people
Hopefully, your products or services are already helping a great number of clients in your geographical area. By sharing your expertise in article format, you can help anyone who has Internet access anywhere in the world at any time. These people may buy your product online, access your services virtually, or know someone in your town who needs you.

2. Create credibility
Having an online presence does not create the instant credibility of being heir to a mom-and-pop business in a small town (although you also hear fewer “I remember you when you were still in diapers” stories from customers). By freely sharing your expertise in articles, you are building credibility.

3. Increase awareness of your brand
Although your articles will focus on helping your readers solve their problems instead of only telling about you, the author byline or resource box that should appear with each article can increase traffic to your Web site, promote your products or services, and invite people to take the next step in getting to know you and your business. Be sure to include your URL.

The decision is yours. Do you want to help more people, create credibility, or increase awareness of your brand? Try article writing for your business.

Want to save time and shine online with articles written specifically for you and your business? Contact me for editing of your existing material or ghostwriting from your notes. With my help, you’ll quickly be a published article author.


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