Article writing: how to start writing articles for business

Many business people ask me about article writing because they are simply too busy to consider it themselves. They need a ghostwriter to take their ideas and notes and create articles for them. Others seek me out because they don’t know where to start. The first three steps are the same for both groups of people.

1. Know the needs of your desired readers
Write to answer their questions, provide solutions to their problems, and offer your help.

2. Collect interesting ideas
Start a file of topics that would appeal to your chosen audience. Don’t plagiarize but let other articles, blog posts, videos, etc. spark your creativity. If someone has already written about “5 hot topics in the ___ industry,” you could write an article about “3 topics the ___ industry avoids at all costs.”

3. Create your author profile and author resource box
Start your resource box by telling your readers what you can do for them (in answer to the big question “what’s in it for me?” Include a link to your Web site or blog. Include information in your profile that will encourage people to know, like, and trust you.

Whether you’re working with a ghostwriter or doing your own article writing, get started with these three steps.


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