Make my Web site or blog work better

As a copywriter and content creator, I often get requests to “make my Web site work better.” I offer this advice to everyone in search of a better site. Before improvements can be made, you need to define three very important pieces of information:

Who is your target market?
By identifying your audience, you (or your writer) can create content specifically for your target demographic. Instead of sharing a wide variety of information in hopes of catching the attention of the general public, you can delve deeply into your niche area to answer questions, offer solutions, share a taste of your expertise, and showcase the benefits you provide for your customers. By knowing your target market and the keywords they use in their searches, you can position yourself to provide what they are seeking. You can also avoid postings and advertising that will drive them away from your site.

What do you want your Web site (or blog) to accomplish for you?
People create Web sites (and blogs) for different purposes. If you want your Web site or blog to
• Share your knowledge on a particular subject—you need to know the keywords people will use to find you and incorporate these words and phrases into your text in a natural way
• Showcase your accomplishments and/or successes for clients—you need to give examples and use a variety of easy-to-access formats (quick-loading graphics, audios, videos, infographics) for best results
• Create credibility—you need to share your knowledge and showcase your successes as well as give people multiple ways to reach you and get a response
• Drive traffic to your blog (or Web site)—you need to provide such interesting content that people will want more
• Build your list—you need to offer something of value in exchange for someone’s e-mail address or contact information
• Sell your product or service while you sleep—you need to ask for the sale with a call to action. You also need to set up reliable automatic systems for placing/receiving orders, accepting payment, and issuing a confirmation.
You need a clear purpose to know if your Web site is accomplishing what you desire. You also need a series of goals to get from where you are now to where you want to be in terms of traffic, visibility, and achieving your purpose.

What measurements regarding what you want your Web site (or blog) to accomplish do you have right now?
Before you spend hours improving your Web site, let’s see how well your current Web site is working. Some metrics to consider:
• How many people are visiting your site per day?
• What percent of these people are landing on a sales page? The About Us page? Your resource library?
• How long do they stay?
• How often do they return?
• What are they looking for (and do you provide it)?
• Are people responding to your call to action?
• Are you engaging in conversations and building relationships with future customers?
What measurements can you or your Web designer capture right now that will help you see if you are nearing your goals?

Make your Web site or blog better by first defining your target market, what you want to accomplish, and where you are right now regarding visitors and visibility. If you are not measuring—or worse yet, if you have no goals AND no metrics—you will have a difficult time proving or disproving the effectiveness of any efforts to “make my Web site work better.”


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