How to improve your LinkedIn profile

Have you improved your LinkedIn profile yet? Add your special skills to your profile by following these easy steps:
• Log in to your LinkedIn account
• Click Profile
• Click the Improve your Profile button
• Follow the prompts that appear above your name to add additional information like where else you have worked, where else you have attended school, and your special skills. Skills is in beta testing, so when you start typing in keywords related to your niche and expertise, you currently get a drop down menu of possible choices or you can add your own skill category.
• Remember to click Finished and Logout when you are done.

You can add additional skills–perhaps after doing some keyword research–by clicking the Profile tab, selecting Edit Profile, and then scrolling down to the Skills segment where you will want to click Edit OR Add a skill. You can list up to 50 skills and LinkedIn nicely keeps a countdown for you. Remember to Save and Logout when you are finished.


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