Business promotion opportunities you don’t want to miss in September

Is your content marketing making you blend in or stand out? Instead of going along with the back-to-school-sales crowd, take advantage of these content marketing opportunities in September:

For International People Skills Month, share how you and your employees make a difference. Is your customer service exceptional? What people skills do you share with others as you mentor or give back to your community?

For International Self-Awareness Month, create content in the form of self-assessments and quizzes. These formats are popular because they are quick and easy to read and it lets prospects and clients increase their awareness of a problem-solving process where you already excel.

For National Coupon Month, create an offer your target market can’t resist. Post your coupon on your Web site, in your blog, in your newsletter, and on your business cards.

For International Strategic Thinking Month, post frequently asked questions and common problems in your field of expertise. Emphasize strategic thinking that has made you a leader in your niche. After all, September is also Shameless Promotion month.

How will you promote your company and brand in September?


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