Business promotion opportunities you won’t want to miss in August

Many people take a summer break—some because school is out, some because they want to take advantage of warmer weather, and others simply because they can. Don’t miss these opportunities in August just because everyone else in the northern hemisphere is on vacation.

August is:
Audio Book Appreciation Month
Turn your e-book or series of blog posts into an audio book.

Happiness Happens Month
Poll your readers to find out what makes them happy. Not only does this give you new insight into your audience, but sharing the results of a survey like this also gives you new content.

National Inventors Month
Launch your latest product or invention.

What Will Be Your Legacy Month
Decide what kind of legacy you want to leave to future generations. Develop a plan for creating content, doing legacy-building work, and sharing your wisdom and expertise.

With a little planning, you can still take a break and promote your business throughout the month of August.


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