7 things you can learn about DIY content marketing from World Cup soccer players

World Cup soccer players can teach do-it-yourself content marketers some valuable lessons.
1. Learn all you can.
Extraordinary athletes didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “I’m going to play in the World Cup today.” They study their sport, train, and learn from others (both their competition and those who have excelled in their field).

2. Practice.
Your first efforts may lack polish, but you will improve with practice. Keep creating content.

3. Keep at it.
Create as many opportunities as you can. If your first and second (or more) attempts fail, be willing to persevere. Ask for input. Tweak your strategy. Try again.

4. Be consistent.
Repeatedly do what works well for you. Don’t try to play someone else’s game.

5. Don’t give up.
Know your objective and press hard toward your goal, time after time. Don’t let a setback or two stop you in your tracks.

6. Remember you have an audience.
It’s not all about you. Know what your audience wants and try to provide that.

7. Have a winning attitude.
There may only be one winner, but everyone can have a winning attitude. Let your behavior leave the best possible impression with your fans and followers, prospects and clients.

Your pitch and the World Cup soccer player’s pitch are quite different, but the lessons are the same.

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