7 ways to get incoming links to your Web site

Are you wondering how to get more traffic to your Web site? Do you want more backlinks? Are most, if not all, of your Web site links outbound?

Here are 7 ways to get quality incoming links to your Web site:
1. Join your Chamber of Commerce and make sure you include your Web site URL in your company profile and the Chamber’s online directory. Include your domain name on business cards, brochures, fax cover sheets, and in e-mails when networking and doing business with Chamber members.

2. Get involved with professional associations in your niche. List your company and Web site URL in directories and in your signature line when you answer questions or make comments on forums.

3. Direct your blog readers to your Web site.

4. Add thoughtful, valuable comments to other people’s blog posts and include your name and Web site URL.

5. Record an audio or video that solves a common problem your target market faces. Be sure to include your Web site URL in your presentation.

6. Write articles and blog posts that include a special offer—available only at http://www.debbielynnbutler.com, for instance—in the author resource box.

7. Mention your Web site wherever and whenever you can without being obnoxious and turning off potential customers. Obvious places include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

A couple words about awards, membership sites, and too-good-to-be-true link farms: use your own judgment. If you receive an award that requires you to link to the presenter with no reciprocal link to your site, beware. If your membership in an organization requires a live link to them at every mention of their name but provides no live link to your Web site in their directory, think again. Avoid link farms unless you want to mess with your Web site ranking.


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