7 quick ways to get new content for your Web site

Updating or adding fresh content to your Web site doesn’t have to require a lot of time and effort, especially if you use one or more of these ideas:
• Tip of the day
Take content you have posted on professional forums, in your blog, in the comment section of other people’s blogs, in tweets, on other social networking sites, or in answer to e-mail questions and reuse this information on your Web site. Create a master list in an afternoon and then reuse tips as needed.
• Wisdom of the week
Share information, links, and questions that have received a lot of feedback in the last week.
• Blog
Make sure your blog shows up on your Web site.
• Wordless Wednesday
Post a picture and invite your Web site or blog visitors to comment.
• Twitter
Add your Twitter stream to your Web site (or at least to your Twitter landing page on your Web site).
• Fun Fridays
Share humor or fun facts about your industry, your employees, your services, or the craziest use of one of your products.
• Create an audio tutorial
Record a quick solution to a common problem your visitors face and upload it to your Web site.
What is your favorite way to add fresh content to your Web site?


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