5 more options when your Web site needs a face-lift

If you are serious about giving your Web site a face-lift, you have probably already simplified the navigation, improved readability, added your company branding, created a call to action that will get you the results you desire, and included that call to action on every page. What else can you do?
1. Include all necessary information
I’m amazed how often I can’t find a location, hours of operation, or contact information on a Web site. This prevents me from finding a brick and mortar store, deciding to visit and make a purchase, or inquiring about services.

2. Offer something for sale
Tell and sell. Tell what you can do or provide. Include easy payment options. Don’t dismiss this idea if you are a service provider. Offer a package of services as your product.

3. Make it easy to make a purchase
Accept payment with PayPal, Google Checkout, or a credit card especially when people expect quick turnaround time between their purchase and delivery of your product or service.

4. Engage
Go beyond contact information and give visitors a way to engage you in conversation. Add a blog. Link to your social networking profiles. Include a poll or survey to get client feedback. Set up a system so customers always receive a thank you.

5. Keep your content fresh
Update your copyright date yearly. Delete past events, promotions, and sales. Include recent news. Add timely items of interest to your prospects and clients.

What else can you do to give your Web site a face-lift?


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