5 options when your Web site needs a face-lift

Are you ready for a Web site face-lift? In my last post,  I shared a quick quiz to help you determine if your Web site needs some work. Here are 5 options:

1. Simplify your navigation
Do you really need top, side, and bottom navigation? Keep it simple and uniform on each page. Make sure visitors can get where they want to go without clicking away from your site, never to return.

2. Improve readability
Do you love gray text on a black background (or baby blue text on a royal blue background, for that matter)? This makes the text difficult—if not impossible—for some of your Web site visitors to read. Choose dark text on a light background instead. Other readability improvements include adding more white space by setting wider margins or breaking text into multiple paragraphs, using a less elaborate font in a larger size, and using shorter words and sentences.

3. Brand it
Does your Web site look substantially different from the promotional pieces your marketing department uses? Your brand may include your logo, a tag line, company colors, approved pictures or text, a particular formatting style, and specific fonts and sizes. Include these on your Web site.

4. Create a call to action that will get the results you desire
Do you have a call to action and are you getting the desired results? If not, measure your current results than change your call to action and measure again in the not-too-distant future. For instance, if you ask people to sign up for a free report but are not getting the sales you desire, consider changing your call to action to something like “Purchase our Wonder Widget and we’ll include our special report ‘10 Amazing Uses for the Wonder Widget That Will Save You Time and Money’ for free.”

5. Include a call to action on every page
Do you assume everyone will automatically land on your sales page or do you ask for the sale on multiple pages? If you are diligent in creating quality content, you will discover that people find you in a variety of ways. Make it easy for them to take action.

Which mini procedure do you need?


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