A quick quiz: does your Web site need a face-lift?

How do you know if your Web site needs a face-lift? Ask yourself the following questions:
Y   N   1. Is it easy to navigate?
Y   N   2. Is the content easy to read?
Y   N   3. Do people immediately associate the Web site with your brand, product, or service?
Y   N   4. Is there a call to action?
Y   N   5. Is your call to action getting the desired results?
Y   N   6. Have you included information prospects and customers really need?
Y   N   7. Does your Web site offer something for sale?
Y   N   8. Do you make it easy to make a purchase by accepting credit cards or PayPal?
Y   N   9. Do you provide multiple ways for prospects to get in touch with you?
Y   N  10. Is your content current?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, your Web site could use some improvements. Before you make changes, make sure you measure where you are now—site visitors, page views, conversions, purchases, etc.—so you can judge the success of your face-lift.


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