Make your Web site work better: HubSpot’s Website Grader tells you how with a free evaluation

Do you have a Web site but few Web site visitors? Are you so low in the search engine rankings you feel invisible? Enter your Web site URL at and HubSpot’s Website Grader will generate a free report that can help you fix what isn’t working on your Web site.

The initial Website Grader report for my very first Web site was discouragingly low—until I began making the suggested improvements regarding
• Content, including a call to action
• Conversion rates
• Inbound links
• Keyword use in page titles, meta descriptions, and general text
• Ranking
• Readability
• Social networking mentions
• Style issues like headings, fonts, and (missing) Alt tags for images
• Traffic and visibility
• Use of specific Web site pages as landing pages

Enter your Web site’s URL to get your report and start making your Web site work better.


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