Quick things you can tweet while you eat

Don’t disappear from Twitter just because your week is booked solid. Quickly tweet while you eat. Some ideas:
• Retweet a past favorite link to an article, blog post,  list or Web page
• Retweet something that captured your interest
• Retweet a valuable offer (your own and other people’s)
• Post an inspirational quote
• Share a joke or something that made you laugh today
• Comment on a trending topic
• Make news by reporting on what’s happening right now in your area
• Announce an event
• Introduce a new member of your Chamber of Commerce or other networking group to your Twitter followers
• Clue me in to someone else I should follow on Twitter and tell me why
• Mention why you like a certain author or blogger
• Add something useful to a #hashtag that interests you
• Tell why a particular subject interests you
• Include a link to a curated list in your area of interest or expertise
• Save me time by telling me about a cool tool and awesome app
• Post a question
• Answer a question
• Share a quick solution to a problem
• Give an example of good customer service
• Point to blog posts (your own and others) that your followers might find interesting
• Tell me why I should go to your updated Web page—what’s in it for me?
• Announce a new product or service and, again, tell me what’s in it for me

What else can you tweet during a breakfast break or a lunch lull?


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