New to Twitter? Add a Twitter landing page

Are you trying to tell prospective Twitter followers all about yourself in the allotted 160 characters? Add a Twitter landing page URL to the fabulous photos on your profile, and you’ll meet more interesting people than you would by chance.

Information to share on a Twitter landing page can include:
• What makes you unique
• How you can help people (always answer the “What’s in it for me?” question)
• A list of your interests and favorite causes
• Your reasons for tweeting and what followers can expect from your tweets
• A bit about your style, which includes if you auto-follow, when you are available to answer questions, when you tweet, and/or if you like to see the tiniest details of someone’s day (or your own) in the Twitter stream
• Pictures that tell your story
• Business information
• Links to your Web site, blog, product pages, or your profile on other social networking sites
• A free gift—an instant download that will make their life easier; a free trial; an audio or video tutorial, e-book,  or other valuable information they can consume at their leisure; or a video demonstration
• An opt-in to your newsletter
Here is my Twitter landing page.


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