10 ways Twitter can help you and your business

Some people expect Twitter to instantly improve their business’ bottom line. They are so busy chasing after gold that they miss the silver lining: Twitter can help you and your business operate more efficiently.
You can:
1. Ask for help with a specific problem and get answers.
2. Make new friends and introduce yourself to future clients by offering your help.
3. Request and receive recommendations for products, services, and providers.
4. Share recommendations so others will think of you when they need expert advice.
5. Stay informed about new technology and cool tools that will make your life easier.
6. Find ideas for your next article, blog, or newsletter.
7. Link directly to your latest article, blog, or online newsletter to gain exposure for your business.
8. Get to know people in complementary fields and ask them to guest blog for you.
9. Provide immediate feedback or other customer service to your clients.
10. Find what you need to grow your business: information, discounts, prospects, personnel, and business advice.
How else has Twitter helped your business without changing your bottom line?

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