10 reasons to keep your business off Twitter

Time is valuable and it takes time to maintain a business presence on Twitter. Stay off Twitter if
1. Your boss is not paying you to tweet on company time
2. Your plan is to automate your tweets, exclusively sending the link to your product sales page over and over again until you alienate all your prospects
3. You don’t plan to ever mention your product or service for fear of alienating people
4. You don’t have a marketing plan for Twitter use
5. You have no idea how to measure your return on your Twitter investment of time
6. Your only goal is to make money on Twitter
7. Your only goal is to make friends, not influence people
8. You think you have nothing to say
9. You imagine every detail of every waking moment of your day deserves a mention on Twitter
10. You only want to sell instead of share
Why else should you and your business stay off Twitter?

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