5 perfect topics for short quick blog posts this May

Are you looking for topics for short, quick business blog posts in the month of May? Try one of these ideas:
1. Create a bullet point list of “5 Things My Mother Taught Me About Business” for Mother’s Day
2. List event information for a workshop or teleseminar showcasing your expertise and inviting others to “Get Creative” for Creative Beginnings Month
3. Share a numbered list of “7 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Executive Coaching” for Executive Coaching Day
4. Post “Build Your Business with This Book” and add a short paragraph reviewing a business book you found helpful for Get Caught Reading Month
5. Ask for input from your Facebook fans and Twitter followers about “Fun, Financially-Sound, Flexible Work Schedules” and post the results for Revise Your Work Schedule Month.
Check Chase’s Calendar of Events for other celebrations and observances to inspire your blog writing.


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