Going green for Earth Day

Are you going green for Earth Day? I see a lot of content devoted to eco-friendly themes at this time of year. So do your customers. Do they know where you and your company stand? Tell them in your blog.

Take my company, for example. Instead of being “green,” I believe in making the world a better place. My business allows me to help others do what they love best and to be mindful of leaving a legacy for our children. How great is that? I reuse and recycle a variety of materials in my home and business. I prefer sunshine and fresh air to artificially-lit, stale office space. Clients and I rely on electronic documents and files for most of my ghostwriting and online content creation. Because I walk to work (a perk of two-thirds of all jobs I have ever held), I have shared a car or done without one for most of my life. Is this going green or caring about the world we live in?

Thanks to Bruce Gingrich of Glenn Gingrich Inc. for reminding me that some people have been choosing to make the world a better place long before “going green” became popular or profitable.


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