5 ways to write a better business blog

Do you want to increase your business blog readership? Reach your target market? Get more paying customers? Write a better business blog.

1. Understand what your audience wants before you write a word.
What problems can you solve for them? What expertise will you share for free and what can you offer as a product or service for purchase?

2. Know your target market’s preferred methods for consuming information and learning.
Are they great readers? Is their time for your blog limited to a couple of bullet points? Would they listen to a podcast or watch a training video—even a long one—while doing something else like commuting or exercising?

3. Don’t just write all the time.
Include links to interesting information and special offers. Add pictures and graphics. Embed audio and video. Be sure to tag these for better search engine optimization.

4. Encourage community input.
Ask questions. Invite comments. Respond to great ideas and interesting input. Thank contributors for their comments by mentioning them by name when you share their input in a future blog post.

5. Make it easy to share.
Include share buttons, a subscribe feature, and an RSS feed. Mention your latest post on social networking sites.

You can write a better business blog by understanding your audience and their favorite online media, adding variety, encouraging their input, and making it easy to share. What else would make you read a business blog?


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