Social networking during your lunch break

If you tried social networking in 5 minutes per day, you probably have your own ideas for social networking while eating lunch. In case you missed out, here are more ideas:
• Ask “How can I help you? I’m available right now, during lunch.”
• Offer something for free
• Provide customer service
• Post event information for a meeting, talk, teleseminar,  or a gathering of friends or co-workers
• Answer a question or two in your area of expertise
• Give instructions to solve a problem
• Teach something (keep it simple)
• Recommend a product or service you use
• Write a review one of your products or services and include customer feedback
• Ask for help by saying, “I need __. Can you help?”
• Keep an eye on what others are saying about you online

How else can you build relationships with social networking during your lunch break?

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