Social networking in 5 minutes a day

Are you too busy for social networking? Think again. Here are 15 things, each requiring less than 5 minutes of your time to post to Facebook and/or Twitter.
• Inquire about someone else and their business, family, plans, or health
• Respond to a comment
• Thank someone
• Say happy birthday, happy anniversary, or congratulations for reaching a milestone
• Use humor to make someone smile
• Retweet something that made you think, laugh, look, or work less
• Post a motivational quote
• Share a tip of the day in your area of expertise
• Ask for a product recommendation
• Seek customer service by asking a specific question like “Is anyone else having a problem with ____?”
• Provide a link to a favorite resource
• Link to a how-to guide for a particular solution
• Link to your most recent blog post, video, or new Web page content
• Link to someone else’s most recent blog post, video, or Web content that inspired you
• Upload pictures
How else can you build relationships in 5 minutes a day?

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