What kind of commitment does social networking require?

Have you ever had a customer who wanted instantaneous results with no investment of time or money on his/her part? There are people who feel the same about social networking but they will see better results if they contribute something of value and make an investment of time.

While it is possible to set up free social media accounts, you (or someone you hire) need to
• Set up an account
• Enter a profile
• Design at least one basic/home page
• Fill in “About You” details
• Create valuable content to share with your friends, fans, and followers
• Add updates frequently enough to be timely, interesting, and vital to relationship-building
• Check what others have to say
• Comment
• Follow or follow back
• Share what you have to offer

Some questions to ask yourself:
• Do I have time to make this kind of commitment?
• How often?
• For how many social networking sites?
• Do I know someone who can help me set up accounts or create and post content?
• What kind of commitment to social networking am I ready to make?


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