6 sins of the social networker

Are you a social networking sinner or saint? Polish your image by avoiding these 6 sins:
1. Lying
Be honest. Use social networking to build trust.

2. Vanity
Remember it’s not all about you. Your friends, fans, and followers are asking “What’s in it for me?” especially if you go on and on about yourself.

3. Greed
Offer something of value instead of refusing to share. Don’t just sell.

4. Anger
Vent only if you want a permanent online record of your thoughts and feelings at a particularly trying time in your life.

5. Gluttony
Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s better to build relationships with a small number of people than to have no relationship with thousands.

6. Laziness
Make an effort to respond to questions, comments, and concerns so people feel you care.

Where do you stand—social networking saint or sinner?


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