Create a social networking plan

Once you have determined your unique purpose for social networking, you need to create a social networking plan for your business. Include in your plan:
• WHO you want to interact with
• WHAT you want to talk about and what subjects are off limits for the sake of your privacy or your company image
• WHEN and how frequently you will be online to post, answer questions, comment, carry on conversations
• WHERE you will spend your time—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, an industry forum, your blog—and where your target market spends their time
• WHY someone should friend or follow you—what’s in it for them?
• HOW you will maintain your social networking involvement—will you hire a virtual assistant or use automation tools? Do you have enough material on a topic of interest to those you want to build relationships with?

List at least one step you can take in each of these areas to bring you closer to achieving your purpose. Here are some examples:
WHO—join a forum where your target market is involved
WHEN—schedule social networking time for the month
WHY—create a special giveaway for your fans, friends, and followers
HOW—hire a virtual assistant to edit your notes and post

What will you put in your social networking plan?


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