What is your purpose for social networking?

Social networking can consume a great deal of time with little ROI if you don’t have
1. A clear purpose for being online
2. A plan to achieve your purpose.

Your purpose should be uniquely your own. Don’t fall into the “everybody’s doing it” trap. Decide why you want to invest in social networking. You can
• Share pictures and news with family and friends
• Coordinate plans with co-workers
• Track news as it happens
• Find old friends or make new ones
• Build brand awareness
• Be responsive to customers
• Share valuable information in order to be viewed as an expert
• Engage in conversations that extend your knowledge or reach
• Build relationships
• Relieve the isolation of working virtually
• Find new clients
• Sell your product or service
• Make a difference in the world

Which will you choose? Once you have determined your purpose for engaging in social networking, be sure to create a plan to help you achieve your goals.


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