5 steps to overcome fear of building relationships

Are you afraid of engagement or concerned that actual relationship-building will take too much of your valuable time? Overcome your fear with these simple steps.
1. Start small.
Focus on one area—attending live Chamber of Commerce events, blogging, or commenting in your industry forum, for example. You can always do more as you grow more adept and confident.

2. Do what feels comfortable to you.
Create your own style and set your own pace. Just because some guru posts 500 words ten times per day does not mean you have to follow this example. If you choose to create more content in order to engage more people, work with a ghostwriter, editor, or virtual assistant to polish and post your ideas, leaving you more time to interact with those who respond.

3. Be consistent.
People will actually look forward to interacting with you if they know they will see or hear from you on a regular basis. While it may be nice to be missed, it’s even better to be a consistent presence.

4. Be both interested in others and interesting.
By balancing these two, the whole weight of the relationship does not rest solely on your shoulders.

5. Be brief.
A short note saying, “I’m thinking of you,” a 5-minute follow-up phone call or e-mail, or a thoughtful comment with a retweet all show your interest and don’t require a lot of time, especially if these activities are spaced throughout the week.

Overcome your relationship-building fears with these five small steps. Which step will you start with today?


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