Where can I find clients?

When people ask “where should I post online content?” their underlying concern is often “where can I find paying customers?” Although the answer varies depending on industry and target market, one principle remains the same: go wherever you have the opportunity to interact with your ideal prospects and clients.

By providing value, sharing contact information, asking questions, encouraging comments, and responding, the following are all fertile ground for building relationships with prospects and clients:
• Your Web site
• Your blog
• Your newsletter or e-zine
• Social networking sites including but not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
• Directories where you publish articles online
• Online tutorial-sharing sites
• Teleseminars and Webinars
• Industry forums

You’ve probably heard that it’s all about location, location, location in the real estate market. The placement of your online content is important but secondary to building quality relationships. Take an interest in other people, their problems, and their needs. Show you care and future clients will seek you out.


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