How to engage prospects and clients: ask the right questions

How do you engage prospects and clients in growing your business? These questions can help. Ask
1. How can I help you?
Build trust and goodwill by acting on the response you receive to your query. Answer questions. Provide referrals. Share some of your expertise (yes, for free). Make recommendations concerning products and services that save people time, effort, or money.

2. What can I/we do better?
Listen and learn. Is there a service you could add? Is there a product that could be improved?

3. What do you value most?
This gives you needed information about a person’s passion, work ethic, and interests.

4. What are your favorite products, tools, or resources?
Demonstrate you value their opinion by using this information to improve your business offerings. Promote their businesses and create more good will by sharing their thoughts with your audience after gaining their permission.

5. Where do we go from here?
This is your ongoing call to action and a quick means of checking the health of your relationship. Silence and similar “the check is in the mail” responses means one of you has disengaged.

Grow your business by growing relationships with prospects and clients. Begin by asking the right questions. Is your favorite relationship-building question included here?


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