Content creation focus

In order to build your business, you’re convinced you should engage people in conversations in order to build relationships. Where do you focus your content creation and engagement efforts? Seven groups come to mind.

1. Prospects
You want these people to get to know and trust you. Their input about their needs helps you tailor your products and services to their specific challenges instead of developing a fabulous idea that doesn’t sell.

2. Clients
You want customers to keep coming back. Their input enables you to prevent or correct problems.

3. Friends and family
You can never have too many good friends and loving family members. Their input can help you see possibilities and solutions you may be too busy or too personally involved to see.

4. Like-minded strangers
These people are future friends. Their input may include new ideas and helpful resources.

5. World-changers
If these people share your passion or a cause you believe in, you are already united by one or more common goals. Their input as friends, masterminds, or joint venture partners can help both of you advance your purpose.

6. Everyone
You want the whole world to know about your business and your products or services. Your next great business idea could be inspired by a conversation with just about anyone.

7. Quasi-professionals
These people—including spammers, plagiarists, and those who only talk about themselves—are good at what they do but you don’t want to imitate or engage them. You can learn what has captured their interest and take corrective action.

Only you can decide where to focus your engagement efforts. While your scope may be more limited in person, strategic creation of online content can enable you to reach out to all six of these desirable groups. Where will your focus be?


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