3 barriers to engaging your readers

Are you committed to engaging your readers in meaningful interaction? Beware of these barriers.

1. Focusing on yourself
The focus should be on your readers. Ideally, you create content with a single reader in mind. You write (or speak) as if you are having a private conversation with this one individual.

2. Flaunting your expert status
Your audience may need your expertise. They don’t want to feel belittled, ignorant, or unimportant so choose your words wisely. Be inclusive. Offer choices. Be helpful. Demonstrate a willingness to hear and learn from others.

3. Providing no means of engagement
It’s hard to engage someone in dialogue when you are not physically present in the same place and no contact information is provided. At the very least, include a link to your e-mail address. Invite comments with thoughtful questions and the tools to collect responses and filter out spam. Direct people to your Twitter landing page where they can find details about how, when, and why you tweet.

You can overcome these barriers to engaging you audience by focusing on your reader, humbly sharing your expertise, and enabling interaction. What other barriers to reader engagement have you encountered?


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