Content creation is not enough: 5 reasons why you want to engage your audience

Are you engaging your audience in conversations or are you simply churning out online content? Consider these reasons to engage and build relationships.

1. People are more likely to buy from those they know, like, and trust.
By inquiring about their needs then creating valuable content that addresses their concerns, you are building rapport. Over time, you become a trusted resource.

2. Sharing creates a sense of belonging.
Talking at someone rarely builds a relationship, yet sharing establishes multiple points of connectedness. You want friends, fans, followers, and family on your team.

3. Community input can improve your product or service.
If you’ve done any networking, you probably know someone who had a great product or service but little business. By actively engaging others in discussions, it’s possible to gain insight and understanding into what isn’t working. Asking questions of one’s target market before a product launch may reveal the lack of connection between a provider’s dream product and the consumer’s nightmarish need.

4. Wisdom increases.
Unless you are God, you don’t know everything. You have valuable knowledge to share with your community and your community members know things that would benefit you and the group. Get people talking and everyone wins.

5. Content creation becomes easier.
When you enter in to conversations, you discover doubts, needs, interesting ideas, resources, and other talented people. Use these as conversation starters and to create future content.

Engagement builds trust, creates a sense of belonging, improves a product or service, adds to communal wisdom, and makes content creation easier. What other reasons do you have to engage your audience?


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