5 alternatives to plagiarism for the truly honest trustworthy professional

In addition to being sick, I’ve been dealing with a plagiarist. I don’t know which makes me feel worse.

Here are 5 content creation alternatives I wish plagiarists would choose instead of taking my best material and publishing it—with or without a few minor changes–in their name:

1.  Quote the article, blog, Web page, etc. verbatim and include my name, a short biography, and a live link to my chosen URL as specified in my Permission to Reprint blurb.
2. Follow the publication guidelines of the article directory where my work is published.
3. Ask my permission to quote a specific portion of my content, acknowledging me as author/creator.
4. Ask me to be a guest blogger for you. Include my guest by-line and a live link to my chosen URL.
5.  Use your own words to comment on something I have created then refer your readers back to my original content. You can do this with a live link, a tweeted URL, or a trackback.

Feel free to quote me on this so your audience will know better than to plagiarize from your quality content.


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