3 remarkably similar principles to remember when creating content

Follow these three principles to make content creation and building your online presence easier.

You don’t have to do it ALL

Choose the formats—articles, audios, blog posts, e-zines, informational products, social networking updates, podcasts, videos, Web pages are just a few examples—that appeal to you and your target market and ignore the rest for now. Do one or two things well (or more if you hire help or need little sleep) instead of spreading yourself so thin you quit creating valuable content.

YOU don’t have to do it all
Surround yourself with people who can help you create content. Ask individuals whose work you admire to guest blog for you. Poll your audience and share their input (with their consent, of course). Hire a ghostwriter or virtual assistant who writes well to create fresh content from material you have used in classes, speeches, and networking.

You don’t HAVE to do it all
Everyone knows something that would benefit someone else. That doesn’t mean you have to know everything or share everything you know. Follow your passion. Focus on the problems of your potential clients and the solutions you can offer them.

Stop procrastinating. Make content creation less of a chore by remembering you don’t have to do it all.


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