5 content creation mistakes to avoid

Show prospective customers what a professional you are by avoiding these five common content creation mistakes.

Who wants to do business with someone who is dishonest? Ask the person whose work or words you admire for permission to quote them, or ask them to be a guest on your blog or podcast. Mention another person’s ideas in your blog and ping or trackback to them.  Retweet them or link directly. Do not take published content, change a few words, and publish or post it as your own work.

It’s human nature. People want to talk about themselves and their problems, so even though you are an expert in your niche and could write volumes or speak for hours, don’t. Instead, pick one topic and speak for 1-2 minutes to create an online audio or video. For other online content, stick to one point and use numbered or bulleted lists to make it easy for your readers to scan.

Not addressing the needs of your audience

Again, focus on your audience not yourself. Find out what need your knowledge and expertise fills. Create sought-after content by speaking to your target market’s wants and needs.


Don’t pretend to be someone or something you are not. People will search online to discover why what you say and what you do don’t match.

Lack of commitment

Start small. Create a realistic plan including themes of interest to your viewers, what kind of format you will use, and how often you will add fresh content. Demonstrate to your audience that you will consistently provide value.

Show prospects and clients, friends and followers you are someone they can trust to address their needs in an honest, direct, consistent way.

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