Do YOU want to be a target market?

Create content with a specific person in mind. You don’t have to call them by name—although most e-zine publishing software allows you to do so—but you do need to know that person’s needs and desires.

Today, for instance, I am writing to you, the person who is interested in content marketing and is smart enough to have a few questions (maybe even more than a few). The question—how do you address your specific person?

I hope no one wakes up in the morning thinking, “I want to be a target market today.” You don’t, do you? Similarly, ideal client implies a business arrangement rather than a relationship. You may not yet (or still) be my friend or fan. Audience, like follower, conveys passivity instead of active dialoguing. Reader, viewer, and hearer are not universally accurate because online content can be read, seen, and heard.

For me, the best approach seems to be to write or record as if I were talking with the one person who needs my help today. How about you?


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