Why I hate content marketing

Content marketing has become a buzzword (or two), causing people not only to jump on the bandwagon but also to expect instantaneous results. Content marketing is not a magic pill or a success formula. It’s rooted in the old-fashioned concept of relationship building, where people listen and talk, share ideas, give and take, help each other with problems, and provide support. As we all know, relationships require time and attention, and they go through different stages and seasons if they are meant to last.

While I may hate the misconceptions about content marketing, I’m all for relationship building. That’s why I may meet someone and follow up with a note that says, “I’m thinking of you and these ways to drive traffic to your Web site.” Someone else needs low cost DIY Web site construction and hosting with a WYSIWYG editor, and I share the pros and cons of systems I have used. I’m not charging for this kind of information; I’m sharing what I know and I’m helping people in the process. I love this.

Each of us knows something that someone else wants to learn, which is why I encourage people to create and share content online. I’m not asking you to give away all you know for free or to continually use your expertise with no compensation just because someone else thinks you should. Just ask, “Who can I help today?” then wisely take action and see what happens.


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