Myths of content marketing debunked

It’s time to debunk these myths of content marketing.
• Content marketing is all you need.
You need to get your name and your business in front of your ideal prospects in whatever forms appeal to then. An online presence, phone calls, personal invitations, handwritten notes, e-mail, direct mailings, networking, and community service can all help people find and connect with you.

• Content marketing doesn’t require planning like traditional marketing.
All marketing works best with a plan. Start by knowing your intended market and their wants and needs. Decide how frequently you will be in contact and/or update your online presence. Have a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely purpose that you can evaluate and reevaluate as you add content according to your plan.

• Content marketing produces instant results.
You won’t know if you don’t measure. Before you do anything else, make sure you have an online presence. Find out how many people visit your Web pages, blog, or social networking sites (daily, weekly, monthly). Track visitors. Determine what key words lead people to you. Update your content and keep measuring until you see the results you want.

• Content marketing doesn’t require a budget.
There are plenty of free avenues for posting content online. However, you may want to invest in services or systems that will create and maintain a professional, branded image for you and cut down on your production and posting time.

• Content marketing is going to quadruple your income.
Sharing articles, audios, blogs, e-zines, informational products, podcasts, posts, tweets, fresh Web content, and videos are just a sampling of ways to increase your online presence. If your content addresses the needs and desires of your best prospects and is delivered in a format they can easily access, you are opening the door to increased traffic to your Web site, blog, LinkedIn profile, or other URL you specify in all of your online profiles. Each piece of content you create gives people another opportunity not only to find you and your business but also to get to know and trust you before they decide to buy or look elsewhere.


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