Excuses for not being a giver

If you are new to content marketing, you may struggle with these excuses for not giving.
1. I need paying customers instead of people who want my product or service for free.
2. I don’t have time to create content for people who aren’t buying.
3. I paid a lot of money for my education, training, and knowledge. Why should I give my expertise away?
4. It costs money to create and distribute content so I need to sell it.
5. I want a guarantee that giving will get me customers.

Do these sound familiar? Exempt yourself from excuses. Don’t give up. Start small and evaluate the response you get to your giving. No one can rightly expect you to give away all you know for free. Get started with content you already have. Choose free distribution and social media sites for sharing. Remember, you won’t see results unless you try.


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