Give to get customers

Every business needs customers. Successful entrepreneurs know these three secrets of giving.

1. Volunteering in the community
• Lets others get to know and trust you
• Creates lasting relationships and friendships
• Expands your network
• Communicates how much you care
• Increases the likelihood of someone you know needing your product or service at a later date

2. Content marketing
• Positions you as a solution-provider and expert
• Builds credibility and trust with prospects
• Engages prospects and clients
• Delivers value
• Increases the likelihood of a future sale

3. Working to right wrongs in our world
• Makes a lasting difference
• Changes lives
• Feels good after the work is done
• Affects people’s perception of your company
• Increases the likelihood of a purchase for social consciousness reasons

If the idea of giving to get feels wrong to you, give for the sheer joy of making a difference in someone else’s life simply because you can.


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