5 challenges facing those new to content marketing

Is the idea of content marketing new to you? Perhaps you have already faced one of the following challenges and put content creation on hold. Start now to overcome these common problems facing content marketers.

1. Finding it hard to transition from selling to sharing
To stay in business, you need to sell your products or services so it seems counterintuitive to offer something of value for nothing. The hidden benefit is that your content establishes you as an expert and increases your credibility.

2. Not knowing where to begin
Begin by identifying your target market. Create content that addresses the needs of people in that demographic.

3. Facing time constraints
Regularly schedule a block of time for content creation. Start with a basic idea and then turn one topic in to multiple forms of content like an audio, a pdf version of the audio transcription, an article for your e-zine, and fresh content for your Web site. Keep it short and simple. Also, because most of us speak faster than we write or type, record your content and leave transcription and posting to your virtual assistant.

4. Having too many options
Choose to deliver valuable information in whatever formats and on whatever time schedule your ideal prospects and clients prefer.

5. Not seeing results
You won’t see the benefit of content marketing unless you establish a results tracking system before you begin. Analyze your data and watch for measurable growth in the number of new visitors to your Web site, blog readers, e-zine clicks, article views, or republishing of your content.

Start overcoming these content marketing challenges and watch your business grow.


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