30 newsletter or e-zine content options

Do you need content ideas for your e-zine or newsletter? Choose from these options to get your content marketing started today.

• Personal greeting or note
• Quote you think will motivate your readers
• Article targeted to the needs of your ideal clients
• Answers to frequently asked questions
• How-to guides, step-by-step solutions, or self-help tests to help your audience solve their most pressing problems
• Links to great resources
• Time-saving tips and cost-cutting measures
• Reviews of products that promise to save time or money
• Cool tools
• Sneak peeks at upcoming products, programs, or services
• Special offers or promotions for new offerings
• Discounts for discontinued products
• Unusual ways to use a product
• How to make the best use of one of your services
• Self-assessment on how to choose a product or service that meets the client’s specific needs
• News related to your industry or niche
• Connection between current events and your product or service
• Your upcoming events, free calls, conferences, teleseminars, or live workshops
• Speaking engagements and instructions for booking you as a speaker
• Networking links
• Customer service pointers
• Employee commendations
• Surveys in response to reader requests
• Survey results
• List of favorite products, services, and tools
• List of insightful bloggers or authors
• Review of favorite books on reader-inspired topic
• Article by a guest author you know and trust
• Affiliate or complementary industry promotions
• Ways to share or reprint your content if you choose to give permission

Pick the content that interests your readers and makes the process of e-zine or newsletter creation enjoyable for you. Don’t feel you need each of these components. Vary your options both to keep the newsletter length manageable and to respond to reader preferences for information and readability.


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