How to create newsletter and e-zine content quickly

Do you know how to generate content for your e-zine or newsletter without spending hours of your valuable time? Try these tips.

1. Keep an ideas file
Did you see something that would appeal to your readers? Drop it in your ideas file for later inspiration or use with permission.

2. Plan your themes in advance
Stick to one theme per newsletter. Hear your articles, tips, promotions, and events to the theme. Create related content in one sitting, without interruptions to your train of thought.

3. Start with a template
With a template, there is no need to redo the basics for each newsletter: logo, contact information, business links, and benefits. Simply start with your branded professional template.

4. Divide and conquer
If you already have a wealth of information created in the form of blogs, brochures, informational products, Power Point presentations, speeches, or Web site pages, divide it into easy-to-read pieces. Conquer the urge to tell all you know in one sitting. Use bullet points or numbers, white space, short sentences and paragraphs, and creative formatting to make your text easy to write and easy for your readers to scan.

5. Mix things up
If you don’t have time to write your usual long article, tell a story in pictures instead. Pass on reader input. Share client testimonials and tell your readers how they can get the same great results. Invite someone in a complementary industry to guest write occasionally. Post summaries and links to your blog posts on your chosen newsletter theme.

6. Be other-centered
Your ideal customers are looking for solutions to their problems. Address their needs and you may never run out of material.

7. Hire help
Jot down your chosen dates and themes then let your ghostwriter draft content. If you are fortunate enough to have a virtual assistant who is also a wordsmith, your VA can handle the entire process of e-zine creation, set up, and distribution while you do what you love best.


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