How to get the results you want from an online presence

You want search engines and prospective clients to find you. You also want current customers to keep making purchases. Follow these ABCs to get results from your online presence.

Add multiple facets to your online presence
Know your ideal customers and create content that appeals to them. If they are visual learners, create videos. If they are great readers, create articles, blogs, and e-zines. If they are pressed for time, answer their frequently asked questions on your Web site and on social networking sites. If they are always multi-tasking, create audios clips, teleseminars, and podcasts for them to listen to as they commute, exercise, or cook dinner.

A variety of content appeals to a wider audience. It also gives search engines and individuals searching for the solutions you offer more opportunities to find you. Share your expertise. Answer questions. Give hot-tos. Provide valuable information and resources.
Build relationships
Prospective customers are more likely to buy from those they know, like, and trust. Give them many opportunities to do so in blog posts, on social networking sites, in your e-zine, and in audio or video presentations.

Get to know your customers and let them get to know you. Use your online presence to share, get feedback, respond quickly to concerns, offer benefits or solutions, and dialogue with those you serve. Be interesting and interested in others.

Create content consistently
Update and add to your online presence on a consistent basis. Fresh content keeps people coming back for more and it improves your search engine rankings.

Be sure to set a schedule for your blog and e-zine that you can maintain. If you start and then abandon either, people will wonder about your professionalism and your ability to carry through on work for them. They will also forget you if you publish too infrequently.

Get the results you want. Start adding to your online presence, building relationships, and creating content consistently.


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